Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Kate Moss Launches Holiday Line for Topshop

Although I am not normally a fan of Kate Moss (or her behavior) I must admit, her latest ads forher collection at TopShop are the bees knees! (Yeah, that's right. I'm trying to make that phrase sound cool) I'm going gaga for the dark, cabaret sultriness of the colors and lighting used for these ads, but what's really got me going is that bedhead hair. Tres sexy and mucho Bardot!
Gosh, do you guys remember when good ol Kate was considered heroin chic? Now she's actually thought of to be average in weight. Can you believe that? I figured it would be a cold day in hell when Kate Moss was the gold standard for health. And yet that is what the modeling world has come to. Kind of makes you wonder what Kate would be forced to look like were she just starting out now. I shudder to think.
Anyway enough of that nonsense. Back to Kate and her collection. Since teaming up with Topshop in May of 2007, the model's various seasonal lines have sold out faster than you can say "tic-tac", some even being snatched up in a mere matter of minutes. Her latest holiday collection for Christmas is also expected to do equally as well thanks to it's comfy, silk, asian infused designs. In fact, if this collection is any indication of what to expect in the spring I would anticipate seeing lots of bamboo, lots of kimono cuts, and lots of zen. In the meantime you can click
here to check out more designs from the collection. However if you see something you like you may want to act quickly: the line officially launches tomorrow and if the past is any indication there is no time for hesitation.


Keith said...

These are great photos. I love them. Kate is awesome. Yeah, I always thought she was too skinny when she started off. Now she's above average compared to what goes for models today.

Daners Isadora is Lindsay's Spy Girl Name said...

I wish there was a Topshop I could go to. I love Kate Moss to death and I love these clothes

Mrs. M. said...

you know they have a US store online now? They basically offer all the same stuff as the UK store. i just went on their site because the collection launched today and i must say as always the stuff is fairly priced. i still cant justify spending $270 on a sequined bolero, but $110 isn't bad for a cute, different dress.

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