Monday, October 12, 2009

L'Uomo Vogue Chats Up the Suavest Newcomers to the Silver Screen

And now I come following up yesterday's post of Chloe Sevigny looking like a dude for October's L'Uomo Vogue with actual dudes looking like dudes for the same issue. I so frequently post about women (and why wouldn't I? We are a truly spectacular phenomenon) that I rarely remember the fellas. However when I saw that the magazine featured not only Sons of Anarchy's Charlie Hunnam (aka Jax) but Hunter Parrish from Weeds AND Nelsan Ellis (aka Lafayette) from True Blood I just couldn't resist. I don't know how L'Uomo Vogue managed to rope in the hottest male actors (literally and figuratively) in film and television for one issue, but I'm surely glad they did. Now if only next time they can include the beardalicious Ryan Hunrst (aka Opie on SOA), I'll be a truly blissful camper.

Opie shall reflect now on your rejection, and dream of the day when he is leading man material (in a series other than my heart).


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