Monday, October 12, 2009

Nicky Hilton is Slacker Chic in Bev Hills

By now if you guys have learned one thing from me, it's most likely that I loathe Paris Hilton. However when it comes to her sister Nicky, well, that's a horse of a different color. Throughout the last couple of years Nicky has really emerged as a fashionista, mixing basic black, white and gray hues with punk rock or tomboy inspired items. Her slacker chic style has (in my opinion) really overshadowed her sister's affinity for trendier, less timeless apparel. Sure Paris may be the more famous one, but I think if you asked most women they would much rather hang out with and trade closets with the younger of the Hilton siblings. She may be a bag of bones but I'll be damned if girlfriend does not have style to spare. Take this totally hot number she was spotted in today as an example. How can you go wrong with a vneck tee, heels, skinny jeans, a rocking bag and some bad ass aviators? The answer is you can't, which is probably why I follow this basic formula myself when getting dresses everyday. When it comes to dressing like Nicky some must have pieces include basic t-shirts, form fitting jeans and lots and lots of leather. Anyway since we're on the subject of Ms. Hilton I thought we'd have a look back at some of her cutest fashion moments. Feel free to get inspired, just in time for fall.


Stephanie said...

Nicky is so pretty. Her outfits seem effortless, but she always looks fab.

Keith said...

These are great. Nicky was always my favorite Hilton sister. She runs rings around Paris.

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