Friday, October 9, 2009

Nicole Eggert Flaunts New Curves for Funny or Die

Nicole Eggert is BACK IN BAYWATCH! from FOD Team and Nicole Eggert - Video

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When I first saw this skit of former Baywatch actress Nicole Eggert making fun of her new physique in this new video for "Funny or Die", I couldn't decide whether I thought what she was doing was empowering, or absolutely ridiculous. In the sketch, two Baywatch fans pretend to drown so that they can be rescued by a "perfect ten". They're enthralled when they see the famous red bikini making it's way towards their bobbing bodies in slo-mo. That is, until Nicole makes her way closer and the boys realize that the blond no longer has the trim body she once was famous for. They then begin to react harshly to Nicole, insinuating that they do not want a Fatty VonFatFat saving their miserable lives.
Needless to say the video has been making the rounds and I felt I should put my annoyance aside and share it with you to see what you think of the video. Should Nicole be making fun of her weight like this? Do you think by calling her "fat" it sends a negative message to women who are her size and larger? Personally I do not think she is fat at all, but that bikini is definitely doing her no favors. I will say though that if you are going to make a point of a couple of dudes calling another chick fat and deeming her unworthy, they should at least be hot. People in dimly lit, poorly decorated, cheaply furnished, fug glass houses should not throw stones. Nevertheless I am dying to hear what you guys think of this skit. Is it funny or should they die? (Say that last sentence dramatically, like Leatherfaced Diddy growling at you to Vote or DIE!!!)


Stephanie said...

Ok, when I was a kid, I watched Baywatch in the afternoons. I remember Nicole up there she definitely looks different than she use to. But at the same time, we all fluctuate with a few pounds. She is still a gorgeous girl. She just needs to retire that bathing suit and try something more flattering for her body.

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