Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Nicole Richie Answers Fan Questions on Twitter

Have you ever happened to wonder what Nicole Richie's favorite city is? Or what type of mascara she swears by? Of course you do! I am sure you are struggling right now to stay awake because you were tossing and turning all night contemplating whether or not Nicole has been to India (she hasn't). Thankfully the pint sized mom took to her Twitter yesterday and answered a bunch of burning fan questions. This isn't exactly Earth shattering information, but I thought it was really cute and a great way for Ms. Richie to connect with fans. Besides, it may sound lame but I really do want to hear how she does her hair. It always looks so incredible. Then again I guess that's what happens when you aren't lazy like me and get up at 6:15.
Q: what time do u normally wake up????
A: 615am rain or shine
Q: What brand of mascara do you use?
A: Great Lash by Maybelline or YSL
Q: Favorite city to visit?
A: Sydney
Q: holy grail skincare product?
A: Dove Soap. Its magical
Q: whats your all time favorite movie?
A: Neverending Story
Q: Favorite band when you were 15?
A: Save Ferris
Q: whats your fav color?
A: yellow
Q: whats your fav gc song???
Q: what holiday are u looking fwd to most coming up?
A: Christmas. Favorite holiday of the year!
Q: do you want more kidsA: of course!
Q: what hair products do you use to get your hair in loose waves?
A: use Moroccan Oil. and i actually wave my hair with a flat iron. I know that sounds weird but it works
Q: what's your fav clothing to steal from @joelmadden?
A: his sweaters
Q: burgerkings or mcdonalds?
A: McDonalds duh
Q: plan to write another book!?
A: yes, it will be out this summer
Q: have you bin to India yet?
A: no, but I want to so bad
Q: what is your favorite snack food?
A: Gummy Peaches from a place called Joans on 3rd
Q: are you breastfeeding sparrow?
A: yes I am :)
Q: Serena or Blair?
A: Serena :)
Q: what is ur favorite breakfast?
A: honestly, McDonalds. Don't judge. :)
Q: Do u plan on doing any more acting?
A: yes very very soon. Details to come...
Q: can i have 100 dollars :)
A: sure. Can I have 1000?


EN*VEE said...

Woot! Gummy peaches are my fav. too! Haha

On a personal note pick up the cellie!

Mrs. M. said...

ha you should have left this earlier than i would have known you were trying to get in touch. You should have tweeted!

Carsi said...

I've grown to appreciate her so much more in the recent years, thank god she distanced herself from Paris. She gets bonus points in my book for Save Ferris.

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