Friday, October 2, 2009


Yes I know this is my second Lindsay post in two days but I cannot help myself! Her bad fashion needs to be recorded and preserved so that future generations can laugh at how funny people used to dress back in the olden days. It's also useful because I'm sure 100 years from now the term "crack whore" will no longer be in use so when someone wants to know what a "crack whore" was, bam! They have a picture. (That is if they can't find a picture of Taryn Manning first). Still, very helpful, this photo of a decrepit looking Lindsay. It's like a time capsule and a crime scene at the same time.
Anyway here's more of Lindsay and her "whoamiwhereamihowdidigethere?" face at the "90 Years of Vogue Covers" party looking like 90 years herself. Seriously, this girl is only 23. And not in dog years. Can you believe that? Boggles my mind.


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