Friday, October 23, 2009

Paula Patton is One Hot Momma in November's "Giant"

Yowzer! Talk about one hot momma to be! Paula Patton's stock has really risen in the past few days. First thanks to her recent pregnancy announcement and now because of her super sultry, ga-ga-gorgeous editorial in November's Giant magazine. In fact, the mag seems so confident in Paula's rising star that they boldly hailed her as "the next Halle Berry". Correction: She is not the next Halle Berry. She is the first Paula Patton. Obviously not literally, but you catch my drift.
I know that I have also said this in the past, but I really love the style and lighting that Giant typically uses for their editorials. There's just something about them that is dirtysexycool.


Keith said...

These are some great photos. She looks so beautiful and stunning. I love Giant magazine.

Annie said...

love the first picture,
so inspirational :)

love annie <3.

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