Thursday, October 8, 2009

Pink and Carey Hart for Hart & Huntington Brand

In case you did not know, Pink's husband, motorcross superstar Carey Hart, has his own tattoo shop named "Hart & Huntington" alongside partner John Huntington. Much like Ed Hardy, H&H has evolved from humble tattoo beginnings into a full-fledged apparel and accessories brand. And who better to model your latest designs than your super famous, super hot wife, Pink? The songstress, who reunited with hubby Carey after a brief seperation, looks hot as ever showing off the Hart & Huntington clothes in these shots for Rolling Stone Australia. Can you even believe that body of hers? I don't care what anyone says about Pink-girlfriend looks amazing. I also must admit that these two are definitely one of my favorite Hollywood couples. Partially because they are so unHollywood. But mostly because Carey Hart reminds me so much of my husband. They are both tattoo artists, they both drive fast things on wheels, and they both love outspoken, unappologetic ladies. In fact I think Carey's softspoken manner only adds to his appeal. He may not say much, but I bet when he does open his mouth what tumbles out is well worth hearing. And even if it's not, he's pretty as hell, so it doesn't really matter.

Anyway here are some more pics of the ridiculously adorable couple looking all shades of in love.


Keith said...

They do make a really cool couple.

Mrs. M. said...

I bet they are fun to just hang out with. They seem like a beer and bbq, low maintanence kind of couple.

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