Monday, October 5, 2009

Ready To Vomit

You do not need to be Michael Kors to know that as a fashion collaborator there are two words you never, ever want to hear: "Cheesy" and "Dated". Yet that is precisely what critics are calling Ungaro's latest Spring Ready To Wear collection, which was put together in part by the brand's new "creative director", Lindsay Lohan. Although she has a line of her own leggings and has stared in several fashion campaigns in the past (including the likes of Mui Mui), the joint venture with Ungaro would be the actress' first real taste of the fashion world. However if the reviews by critics are any indication, it might just be her last as well. Here's how one sharp tongued journalist described LiLo's freshman induction: "...the fashion world, or at least its old-fashioned, traditional arm, greeted the Lohan appointment with endless snickers and rolled eyes. Its members expected, perhaps even hoped, for the proverbial train wreck. And so it came, a collision of fashion, controversial celebrity and massive publicity which resulted in the most frenzied door scene we’ve seen in years, especially at the geezer-venue Carousel du Louvre, as well as a beefed-up photographers pit." Another writer was more forgiving saying "the collection was not the utter disaster that many had — almost gleefully — predicted." I guess? I think at this point "Not a disaster" is the best compliment Linds has gotten in ages. And since no one even got their car totalled in the process or got ran over or anything I'd call this a smashing success.


The Hunter said...

Lindsay Lohan a "creative director! The world has gone crazy!!

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