Thursday, October 1, 2009

Scarlett Johansson and Her Arresting Beauty in Rolling Stone

Are you guys sick of seeing and hearing about Scarlett Johansson yet? You can tell me. It won't hurt my feelings. It's just whenever new Scarlett news or pictures hit the web I feel obligated to share them with you, because I would want you to do the same. ScarJo is a goddess among mere mortals, and we must speak of her when the opportunity arises. So
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Anyway as you may have already read Scarlett has been making the rounds lately promoting her sophmore album "Break Up" with hipster musician Pete Yorn. The couple have likened their collaboration to that of Serge Gainsbourg and Brigett Bardot, stating that although they are not often done today, duet records like theirs really refelct the polarity that goes on in a relationship. So basically they are like Johnny and June Cash, except they both have significant others and neither has been to jail. That I know of. Then again Scarlett does look pretty handy with that watergun...


Sandra said...

she looks great!! :)


Keith said...

She is so sexy. Post all the pics you find of her.

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