Friday, October 16, 2009

Scarlett Johansson Gets the Model Treatment for Mango

Imagine my joy when only moments ago I stumbled upon some brand new ads of my favorite girl Scarlett Johansson for clothing brand Mango. Now imagine my displeaure when I realize that some random skinny ho has snuck into some of the full body shots for the new ads:

Oh wait. That's not some random skinny ho. That's just ScarJo photoshopped to weigh what she did as an infant. I swear to shit, if her arms were really that small I could probably snap them in half merely be breathing on them. I am so sick of these companies whittling away at the very features that have made these women famous. Scarlett without her curves is like...well...ScarJo without curves! It's basically the same thing Loreal did when they lightened spokesmodel Beyonce's skin for their ads. It's like why bother shelling out all that dough for a famous name if you're going to go and change all the things we love about them? Honestly, Mango. Could you fail any greater?
Anyway here's some more of Scarlett (I guess) for the brand. Don't be suprised in another couple of years when Britney Spears is on the cover of "Asian Sumo Wrestling Albinos Weekly" boasting those same features. Thank God for technology, otherwise we might all actually look like individuals, and who the hell would want that?


Paul said...


Keith said...

I love Scarlett. She's beautiful just like she is. There is no need for photoshop or anything else. I'm getting sick and tired of mags screwing around with what these women look like.

Mrs. M. said...

Scarlett's body has been the envy of men and women for years. Insinuating that she is not perfect enough by photoshopping her thinner is just so insulting. It's like when Campari altered their ads featuring Jessica Alba to be much thinner than she is. If Jessica Alba and ScarJo aren't good enough, what message are they sending to young, impressionable girls? That even if you have been named the sexiest woman alive (which both girls have) you are still nothing more than a fatty fatty fat fat who should be ashamed of their weight? Ridiculous.

SaraJ said...

ah love scarlett!

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