Thursday, October 8, 2009

Seth Green Gets Mugged, Freaks Out

If you had the sudden feeling that all is not right with the world it's probably because justice has just had it's face spat in. Former Slacker Chic of the Month and all around bad ass mother Seth Green was robbed in broad daylight! A few days ago some footage leaked of Seth flipping tables and screaming at his bodyguard, but most people chalked the incident up as nothing more than a Christian Bale-esq stunt. However today this reel from a parking lot security camera was found and it appears to show the "Family Guy" star getting mugged. I ask, where is Spiderman when you need him, huh? I thought everybody got one!...

Anyway below is the video of Seth losing his shit at his peoples for not doing their job. Normally these outbursts are merely a reflection of some spoiled Hollywood brat who couldn't get the five baby albino lions they wanted for pets. However going batshit after getting mugged and not being rescued by the bodyguard you pay $200 an hour for is an understandable reasonable reason to push over a perfectly good tray of delicious deli meats and cheese. What he needs is a better protector. Say, a 5'2 ginger girl who goes by the name of Mrs. M???


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