Friday, October 23, 2009

Slacker Chic of the Month: Helena Bonham Carter

Well it was a tough as nails fight, but ultimately Helena Bonham Carter squeezed out the competition and has run away with the title of Slacker Chic of the Month! I must admit, I was suprised to see that you guys also had mad love for HBC. After all, the rags are constantly throwing stones at her for her eclectic yet unique wardrobe choices (such as her affinity for pantaloons). It's really cool to see you all appreciate her for the work she does rather than what she chooses to wear in her free time. Not that she has much of it. Between mothering her and Tim Burton's two kids and staring in over 65 movies and shows, it's a wonder Helena has time to dress herself at all! Why, Star magazine should really cut her some slack and just be thankful she's not walking the streets nude. Then again, I'm sure a lot of people wouldn't mind catching a glimpse of that ;)
Anyway congrats to Helena! She is truly a circular gal in a trianglur world, and I effing love her for that. She will now be moving on to complete for the ultimate title of "Slacker Chic of the Year" in December where she will face off against Juliette Lewis, James Suicide, Katherine Moennig, Mary-Louise Parker, Kim Gordon, Olivia Munn, Seth Green and the two remaining SCOTMs who have yet to be chosen.

The Many Different Faces of Helena


Lyndsay said...

YES! Way to go Helena! I absolutely ADORE her!

LadyGaga said...

She's a Gemini like me :D

Keith said...

Congrats to her. I think she's awesome. She's definitely one of a kind.

Mrs. M. said...

i must admit i was suprised to see that you guys chose her. i thought for sure Betty White would run away with the prize. For the first time i did not have a favorite to win, but i thought HBC would have been at the bottom of your list.

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