Wednesday, October 21, 2009

This is the Face of Trouble

Let me just start by saying that Taylor Momsen is 16. 16. She's barely old enough to drive and yet here she is partying it up at the Whitney Museum of American Art Studio like she was born before 1992. The nerve! Why, when I was 16 I was...well ok I was out partying it up like I was born before 1981 but was it the right thing to do? The smart thing to do? The responsible thing to do? Hell no. But was it fun? Hell yes. And do I remember most of it? Hell maybe. It depends on the day. And if I'm not feeling lazy. But back to my point. What was my point? Oh yeah, Taylor Momsen. Your future called. It wanted me to tell you this:

Anyway here are some more of Courtney Love in 1993 Taylor in Versace at the Whitney party trying to flash us her not yet a girl, not yet a woman parts. I know this chick is trouble, but she has amazing style. For a twenty-something.


Johanne said...

Oh hell yeah, you are absolutley right.

Keith said...

She is definitely the next Courtney Love. She looks like she could be her daughter.

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