Friday, October 9, 2009

Tina Fey Talks to Harper's About 30 Rock, Botox and How She Says Thank You

Ok, ok so these may not be the most exciting pictures we've ever seen but since they are of one of the brightest, funniest women on the planet, Tina Fey, I'm willing to look over the lack of styling and artistic direction. In fact, I think this issue would have been much better off had they asked Fey herself to direct the shoot. Something tells me she would have done a much better job. That being said it's just always great to see such a strong, talented woman on the cover of a magazine-particularly when the Kardashians seem so intent on monopolizing the print industry with their big asses and even bigger egos. Still, if you are a photographer and have a subject that is as creative and animated as Tina Fey, you probably come to the table with a slightly more ambitious idea for a shoot than "mildly awkward facial expressions and plain Jane backdrops". I'm just saying. Anyway here are some excerpts from the interview. I hope you find them to your liking:
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On finding time to excercise when she's dead: "Work, come home, play, kid bounce, work again, go to bed." She has thought about yoga, even done it a couple times. "But," she notes, "even yoga classes go on 80 or 90 minutes." Not for Tina the ethos of Gwyneth Paltrow or Madonna, with their two hours plus of bendiness a day. "You will still die," she observes. "I'll do grave yoga. Someone can come and stretch me in my grave."
On getting things done: "My last couple years at SNL," she recalls of the show, which she left in 2006, "I said, 'I'll just throw everything out there. I'll try to get pregnant [Alice], try to write a movie [Mean Girls], and try to do this development deal [30 Rock].' Everything of the three happened."
On her 30 Rock character Liz being the anit-Carrie Bradshaw: "I wanted her [Liz Lemon] to be believable, and she's based on a version of myself from before," Tina explains. "Being a writer and first moving to New York ... a lot of women live like that. It's not that there is anything wrong with them or they are not together, intelligent, attractive women. It's just that the numbers are off or something." What would swinging Carrie make of the oft-oppressed Liz? "I think they would get along," Tina says. "Liz has little to no style and little to no sex drive. Carrie would be very encouraging of Lemon and help her have more confidence."
On being low mantainence: "I like to delude myself that I'm in the old-Hollywood mode. I just tailor my clothes well and try to keep my skin clear. While it would be great to work out an hour a day, there is something inherently sort of selfish about it. I can't do it."
On just saying no to botox: "You can point any kind of laser at my face, but I don't think Botox is for me. I think it is bad. People who have too much, they look like their faces are full of candles — a shiny, shiny face." Festive, though. "Yes, festive. A holiday candle."
On her red carpet style: "When it comes to going to the Emmys, say, people always say, 'You should wear some color,' but I always wear gunmetal or black." She's had some recent hits — most prominently a metallic Zac Posen she wore to this year's Oscars. ("That was a beautiful dress. I felt really good in that dress.") A close second was the black halter Roberto Cavalli she wore to the Golden Globes this past January. ("That was the most comfortable ever. And it did a lot of service to the lower half disappearing.")
On her acceptance speeches: Tina's awards-acceptance speeches have become the stuff of lore. (From the Emmys in 2008 ("I want to thank my parents for somehow raising me to have confidence that is disproportionate with my looks and abilities.") She credits Steve Martin for instructing her in the ways of onstage mojo. "He said, 'You have to always kill.' If you are in any way a comedian, you should try to be funny."


Keith said...

I love Tina Fey. She's beautiful, smart & funny.

Vicky said...

A true modern woman. Great role model

Mrs. M. said...

And so grounded it seems. Like she's not one of those entitled "I'm better than you" Hollywood types. Which she could easily be because she is so talented.

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