Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tyra Banks is Fall Fantastic

When I was a little girl, big enough to read "Seventeen" but not quite old enough to understand all of their adult references, I used to love flipping through the fashion magazines and finding photos of my favorite models. At that time it was the 90's and they mayhem surrounding the "supes" (aka supermod*elles) was at a fever pitch. While you would find the occassional actress gracing the pages of "Vanity Fair", for the most part Cindy, Naomi, Christy and Linda had every international publication on lockdown. There was something magical about the way they posed and grinned. Perhaps because it was a different time then and they had enough food in their stomachs (granted, healthy food) to get up the energy to sparkle. And while there are a chosen few who continue to carry on the torch of "supermodel" (like Lara Stone for example), for the most part it is a lost art that swept away with the inception of flannel into pop culture. Which is why the little girl inside of me felt giddy when I stumbled upon these new pics of Tyra Banks shooting for an upcoming editorial in an unknown magazine (which appears to be Harper's Bazaar, but I'm not positive) There's something about the spring in her step, the light in her eyes and the fall foliage that has reminded me, if only for a moment, of the innocence of my youth. You know, back when every model/actress/reality star hopeful wasn't trying to out-slut one another for their 15 minutes. So thanks Tyra for bringing it back old school and reminding me of the innocence of yesteryear.

On a seperate note, how great does her hair look here? She should really think about keeping that style for a while. It really makes her look youthful.


Sofi said...

Hey, just came across you blog today and relly enjoy it, thanks for posting :) x

Keith said...

She is so beautiful. Great photos of her.

Selmyra said...

great shoot , I was just looking for up to date pix of her :)

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