Monday, October 5, 2009

Wilde Thing

Ok I have a confession to make: I did not always like Olivia Wilde. Mostly because I knew her as "that chick from the OC that was misfortunate enough to make out with Mischa Barton thus making her icky by association". Then she went and started taking all the attention away from one of my favorite shows "House", causing me to seriously question for a minute whether or not they were just going to say eff it and rename the show "13". Luckily though things are back to normal on the medical drama and Olivia, despite her newfound fame as one of the hottest women on the planet, is back to being a supporting cast member. However thanks to her down to Earth qualities and tomboy slacker chic style, she now has a staring role in the epic saga known as my heart. Girlfriend can dress, girlfriend can act, and girlfriend can pose, all while still maintaining that je nes sais quoi that has made her a hit with guys and girls of all ages and backgrounds. Then again there aren't many tall, dark and beautiful bi-sexual chicks that can carry the title of "sexiest woman in the world" while still remaining humble and down to Earth. Except me of course. And Megan Fox. Because if there is one woman on the planet that deserves to be called "humble", it's definitely Foxy. (And yes, that is a hint of sarcasm you detected in my voice.)
Anyway here are some fabulous pictures of the always adorable Olivia looking cute as hell at various events over the past week. The real reason for this post is to draw attention to that little vest, v-neck tee and supersweet bell bottoms she's rocking in the picture above. I swear, that woman must have my dream closet. And my dream bank account.


LadyGaga said...

Slacker Chic, how do you get those multiple pictures of Wilde on one post? Thanks

Mrs. M. said...

do you mean how do i get them together like that? as in side by side?

Leah said...

WHOA...I've always thought she's beautiful, but her forehead looks HUGE in that first pic! and kinda in all the others! has her head always been that big?

Keith said...

I've actually never seen her on any shows. I don't watch any of those shows. I have seen her in magazines. She is hot.

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