Friday, October 30, 2009

Winona Ryder Talks Acting, Love and Johnny Depp with Blackbook

She may not have won this month's Slacker Chic of the Week but one thing is for sure: Winona Ryder is back in full swing and ready to re-enter our lives as the one that got away. Since slipping into near oblivion following her shoplifting fiasco Winona has stayed largely out of the public eye. However now at 38 (her birthday was yesterday!) the actress is ready to throw her hat back in the ring and give us all she's got in the upcoming drama "The Private Lives of Pippa Lee". Winona is chatting up the November issue of Blackbook where she discusses her many, many famous boyfriends, finding the right guy and a little unknown named Johnny. Here are a few excerpts I've chosen for you:
On her E! True Hollywood story: "[It] is just wrong-even the flattering stuff!"
On her former relationship with Johnny Depp: "Things changed for me when I met Johnny. This wierd thing happens where you're written about in magazines and you start to think This is who I am. This is how I have to be. I felt restricted and pressured into being the way people perceived me. It was hard for me to find my footing. The Johnny thing made me really afraid of the press because, even though it was about him, I was beside im the entire time."
On the difficulty of finding the right guy: "I hate the thought of having to live my life being so skeptical of everyone. I've just always wanted to find someone who understands what I do, doesn't think my life is so glamorous and who just doesn't really care. In a way actors really do fit that category but I want to be with one who had been around a while. Newly successful people are just as scary as non-celebrities."
On having to talk about that shoplifting incident: "I understand. I'm curious about other people, so I have to understand when people are curious about me."
On not having lost that lovin' feeling about acting: I still don't sleep the night before my first day of shooting. It's a struggle to make good movies today, and I've certainly been in films I'm not thrilled with. I just have to be patient and good in my own life and know that if I never work again I still had a great career.


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