Friday, October 23, 2009

You Get the Board, I Get the Darts, We Meet in the Middle

Ok please do not hate me forever and for all time, but I almost kind of possibly don't totally hate these pictures of Paris Hilton in November's Harper's Bazaar Dubai. Neverfear! The very thought of her still makes my uterus want to wave the white flag in surrender, I'm just saying this isn't the worst thing I've ever seen in my life. Maybe like, the third worst. You know, after war and famine always comes disease. It's just that in this case the disease is wearing a weave and hugging the wall.
In all seriousness though, why is this chick still on the cover of magazines? Is there no one else in allll of Dubai that they could find to put on the cover of Harper's? Hell, I could walk outside, throw a stone and hit an inanimate object that is more interresting, intelligent and deserving of the attention than this stuck up little twat. Ah well. I can always look on the bright side. And when I think of what that may be, I'll let you know.


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