Wednesday, October 21, 2009

You Outta Know Alanis is Hot Stuff

Yes I know that is ridiculously cheesy but what can I say? It's been over a decade since the singer burst onto the scene with the angry-girl ballad that made her famous, yet she still looks just as young and hot now as she did then. In fact, I would even go far as to say she looks better now than ever. Especially since she nagged the current man in her life. Following her split with ex-fiance Ryan Reynolds, Alanis was all aboard the weight fluctuation train. She was up, she was down, she was in, she was out, but since hooking up with environmental lawyer Tom Balanco who she met in 2007 the singer has never looked sexier or more happy. I would say I bet Ryan Reynolds is really kicking himself now, but since he goes to bed to wifey Scarlett Johansson at night I think it's safe to say he won't be throwing himself off the Chrysler building any time soon. I swear, he must have done something truly spectacular in his past life to deserve such good fortune. Most men could only dream about dating one Scarlett or Alanis in their lifetime. That lucky sucker got to date both!
Anyway here's some rare candids of Alanis looking happier than me rummaging through Little Orphan Zoe's closet/cardboard living box. Ah to be young, hot, rich, taleted and in love.

And just for fun, my fave Alanis video, "Hands Clean":


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