Monday, November 23, 2009

Adam Lambert is Here for Your Entertainment

Did you guys watch the American Music Awards last night? I hope so, because some of the performances were must-sees! JLo took a tumble, Whitney took her meds and Adam Lambert took my heart! The American Idol runner-up performed his debut single "For Your Entertainment" on last night's show and he totally rocked the kasbah. A lot of people were crying on twitter about how homotacular his set was, but I say those people are a bunch of homophobic babies. Sure, Adam might have tongue kissed a dude, but so what? To be truthful I didn't even noticed until someone had pointed it out to me. I guess because dude on dude pecking is basically "Things I've seen in 7th grade for $500, Alex." Plus I'm really, really offended that no one focused on how incredible that man's voice is! He's a gem, a true talent, and to ignore that is ignorant. Plus idk about you, but I think it's awesome to see a gay man finally saying it's alright to be proud of their sexuality. He's not ashamed, nor should he should be. Anyway, if not-even-legal Miley Cyrus can run around the stage in coochie cutters, I think a grown ass man like Adam can express himself. What he did wasn't racy at all, and I'm totally grossed out by people insinuating it was just because there was some homoloving. Time to get off the soapbox, America! Being a homohater is the same thing as berating someone for their race or religion, plain and simple.
Anyway, stay tuned for the best and worst dressed from the AMAs, coming up next. In the meantime, yes Adam, I can handle what you're about to do. And I lurve it, bitch.


Keith said...

I totally agree with you. People need to get over the hate. If someone doesn't like him because they aren't into his music or something, then that's fine. Don't be all judging him because of his sexuality. People should be free to express their love and desire for others whether they are of the opposite or same sex. Life is too short to be all hung up on who you like to go to bed with.

ChicChickory said...

I absolutely love Adam....loved him since his audition on day one of A.I.
His voice is so amazing that it gives me chills (in a come-to-mommy kind of way) every time I hear him sing. Cannot wait to see what he does with his career.

Mrs. M. said...

You are so right, Keith! It takes a real man (like you) to not be threatened by someone's sexuality. It's the ones that get so up in arms that I wonder about. If someone is that threatened by it they probably have some dark, secret curiosities they are fighting off. Besides, i am more offended by the local news, with all the murders and craziness. THAT'S what offends me.
ANd i think he's tres sexy too, Chic! Sexuality is so fluid, who says girls can't lust after Adam? In my eyes it's the same as thinking Brad Pitt or someone else unattainable is sexy. Hotness knows no bounds.

leahb said...

I personally have no problem with the performance and thought it was kinda hot, but I do understand the complaints. If it was on MTV I don't think this big of a fuss would be being made, but it was on ABC. I've heard from a lot of gay people who didn't like the performace because it was overly sexual (simulated blow jobs, half naked people on leashes, etc.) and not appropriate for non-cable award shows. Again, I thought it was hot, but I do understand where a parent watching with their kid would be upset, just from the sexuality alone, not even treading into the fact that he's gay.

Mrs. M. said...

i definitely get your point leah about it being on a non-cable network, however i think those parents are just making some excuses. i mean, if your child is up at 11:00pm, my guess is they are probably of a certain age. Unless of course you're on the west coast, but they aired an edited version. i do get where you're coming from, but i think if it was Britney who had done this it would be no big deal.

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