Sunday, November 22, 2009

And Now, Let Us Celebrate a Quarter Century of Greatness

Behold, Scarlett Johansson turns 25 today. We should be ringing some bells, cutting some ribbons and throwing confetti in the streets! Were it not Sunday I would insist that this be declared a national holiday so that we all may stay at home watching ScarJo films and basking in her beauty. Even still, you can take this as my permission to spend your evening listening to "The Break Up" and feasting your eyes upon "A Good Woman".
Anyway, best birthday wishes to our 2008 Slacker Chic of the Year recipient. I am sure that the next 25 of her years will be even more fruitful. Love her for life!

Obligatory Megapost:

My Favorite, of course:

ScarJo thanks you for your time, will continue being perfection now.
Animated Gifs


Carsi said...

Happy Birthday Scarlett you make the world a brighter place:-)

Miss_Scarlett said...

i ADORE this girl, nice set of photos you posted of her, the dita von teese photoshot is one of my absolutely favourites from her. happy bday to scarlett!!!

Miss_Scarlett said...

ooooh thank you girl, i had this blog added to my pc links and i visited a few times but now i will add it to my blog links to visit more often, i love gossip ;)

Keith said...

Happy Birthday! She's so awesome. She's beautiful, talented, stylish, you name it. She's a goddess among women.

The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

Scarlet is fantastic Love these pics of her and love the animated gif!!

Mrs. M. said...

i can't stop staring at the gif myself. it is too cute not to watch!

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