Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ashlee Simpson Goes Back to Black

Did you ever think you'd see the day when Ashlee was the more successful Simpson sister? I sure didn't, but that's exactly what she's become. Despite being kicked from her gig on the new Melrose Place amidst reports that she was taking some of the sparkly shine from Heather Locklear, Ashlee has remained in high spirits, focusing now on her blossoming career as a fashion designer. That's right. You heard me correctly. According to a source close to the singer, Ashlee is planning on launching a "pop/punk" clothing line sometime soon. I just have one question: Why does this Bitch thinks she's Barbie? First she's a "dancer", then she's a "singer", then she's an "actress". What the hell's next? Brain surgeon? I mean come the fuck on! I am so sick of these spoiled celebs deciding they can just do whatever the fuckity fuck they want whether it's becoming a fashion designer without an ounce of schooling or experience, or roaming the streets all wasted in ten ton SUVs risking people's lives and not having any consequences. And before you laugh or get offended, let me remind you that we have a former WWE wrestler and the Terminator in political power. We'll see whose laughing and crying when you go in for a pap smear and find Michael Lohan deep diving in your clam with a speculum and no gloves asking Jon Gosselin to hand him the lube and requesting that The Insider step back because they're in his light. Give it another 5 years and that's exactly where we'll be as a society. The top show will be "I'm a Celebrity, Give Me a Nuclear Bomb to Detonate", and a Kardashian will be running the country, I'm sure of it.
Anyway here's more of Trashlee looking cute but useless while campaigning for her upcoming run for Prime Minister of Ray-Bans in 2014.


Keith said...

Great post. LOL You had me cracking up. These celebs do think they can do it all. I guess I'm going to be everything from a menswear designer to a novelist to the next President.

Mrs. M. said...

that is a great idea Keith! Will you design a menswear outfit I can wear when I go accept my Nobel Peace Prize in Biophysics?

Emily said...

"Cute but useless" is how I'm going to describe all of those celebs that I don't hate, but they still piss me off. This was great =)

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