Monday, November 23, 2009

The Best and Worst Dressed from the 2009 AMA Awards

I don't feel very well today you guys, so I'm going to skip the chit chat and go straight into the best and worst from last night's American Music Awards. What did you guys think of the show? Highlights? Lowlights? Obviously I think we all know what my favorite part was: that naughty little minx, Adam Lambert. Highlight of the show!
Best Dressed Woman: They all basically phoned that mess in, so I'm giving it to Adam Lambert's backup dancers. Because I love lingerie

Worst Dressed: Kelly Clarkson. Dear Kelly, you are not, I repeat NOT 47, and this is not your husband's Christmas party!

Dishonorable Mention: Julie Bowden, whose story is a sad one. The tale of a lonesome girl without anyone to lend her an iron...

Best Dressed Man: Jay-Z

Worst Dressed Man: Uh...almost all of them? They're dudes. They bore me.
Best Almost Naked But Not Quite Ensemble: Rihanna and her strategically placed bandages

Best Use of Color: Shakira, Shakira

Best Hair: Kristen Bell and her tres sexy bedhead tresses

Worst Hair: Kelly, Kelly, Kelly...

Best "Imma Git Yoo Pregnant With Mah Eyes" Look: Adam Lambert. (My ovaries just woke up. Thanks Adam!)

Biggest Slut: Captain Morgan, that hussy.

Douchiest Looking Douche: Alex Morales

Hottest Seth Green: Uh, duh! Seth Green

Best Performance: Adam Lambert

Worst Performance: JLo. Epic Fail Fall

Biggest What the Hell Happened to You?!?! TIE!
Val Kilmer

and Timbaland

The Rest:

Adam thanks you for your time, will continue to be sexadocious now, hoping to erase the image of a fat Val Kilmer and Timbaland from your retinal memory.


Miss_Scarlett said...

noone shined on the red carpet, what a mess, though i liked what kristen bell was wearing and shakira's dress (but not those shoes). i loled with the best almost naked award :P

to follow me the link is at the top of the flog on the left, where it says report, next blog... there. i hope you're feeling better ;)

Mrs. M. said...

i am so glad you told me-i looked forever and a day to find the follow button! it was there at the top all the time! silly me lol

Carsi said...

every time I see a recent picture of Val Kilmer I die a little inside :-(


Jlo's dancers were hot!!! I had to turn down the heater in the room!

Mrs. M. said...

it is so hard to even believe that at one time he was hot enough to play Jim Morrison. What a pity.

The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

omfg kelly clarkson is a monsterrrrr
and what happened to val kilmer? :S

Stephanie said...

Great post. I love Kristen Bell's hair it was really gorgeous. :) I am a huge Adam Lambert fan-he is just amazing. :) I wished people would get over their anti-gay crap, because he is just one of the best new singers out there. LOVE HIM.

sexylegsandbody said...

Hello Mrs M. Great post, love your comments on each, I agree with you on most, well maybe not on the men, coz to me they dont really matter. I reeeaaally love Kristen Bell, I actually just did a post on her, she is a cutie, I love her hair, and she always dresses very elegantly.
Val will have to watch his weight, it is getting as bad as his attitude.
Fabulous post, for someone not feeling well, you really went through a lot of trouble compiling a super great post, thanks for sharing.
Have a wonderful day!
Ps, I love your header, that girl has a really bad ass attitude.. :-) very original.

Keith said...

Kelly Clarkson looks terrible. Yuck. Val Kilmer really let himself go over the years. Yikes.

ChicChickory said...

I'm with you, Mrs. M...I am still on my Lambert-orgasm right now. As a fellow Kelly, I feel it is my duty to help Ms. Clarkson anyway that I can. Someone bedazzled the shit out of her, and should summarily be put to death. Was JLo wearing support hose and black Reebs? Awful! She should have been speed walking down Pennsylvania Ave. during her lunch break with that outfit!

Mrs. M. said...

wha?!? I am a fellow Kelly too! Kellys-with-a-Y unite!
and i agree with you about those fugly ass JHo shoes. Besides, you can't sing a song called "Louboutins" and not wear them. That would be like me making a music video called "I REALLY love McDonald's" and then eating Burger King the entire time. Ball dropper!

ChicChickory said...

SHUT UP! You a Kelly too?! We are a force to be reckoned with!

...and in JLo's case, it was more of a ass-dropper than a ball-dropper. :P

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