Friday, November 6, 2009

Best and Worst Dressed at the MTV European Music Awards

Alright we got a big fashion day ahead of us kids so I'll save the chit chat and get down to the real nitty gritty. Last night Katy Perry hosted the MTV Europe Music Awards. Tons of people we are familiar with here in the states attended the event including Shakira, Beyonce, and of course Katy Perry, all of whom had multiple wardrobe changes thanks to their amazing performances. You know, before I officially go into the best and worst dressed I'd like to point out how awesome it is to see so many strong female artists dominating the charts. The biggest superstars right now are not only women, they're females of different races, sizes and genres. Sure all may technically fall under the "pop" category, but when it boils down to it all three ladies have extremely different styles. Katy, Shakira, Beyonce, GaGa, Leona Lewis, Christina, all these ladies aren't in demand because they're hot (of course they are hot as well), they're in demand because they are unique individuals who are making fashion and music exciting. They're raising the creativity bar waaaaay high and doing things that far surpass their male counterparts. So hurray for such strong XX inspiration, and hurray for the best and worst dressed at last night's MTV Europe Music Awards.
Best Dressed: Katy Perry

Best Short Dress: Elena Paparizou

Worst Dressed: Asia Argento (it's actually not all that bad)

Best Non-Dress Outfit: Franziska Knuppe

Best Attempt At Trying to Dethrone Lady GaGa Resulting in Epic Fail: Doda

Best Bag: This clutch

Freshest Face: Shakira

Not So Freshest Face (Look How Nice I'm Being!): Lil Kim

Biggest Bitchface: The too cool for school hipster on the left

The Rest



Katy Perry


Stephanie said...

Katy Perry looks gorgeous that dress is killer. :) I love how it is pink but with that edgy working on the top. Also, Shakira looks absolutely stunning. :)

The Hunter said...

I hate Asia Argento's dress!! YUK!

I love Katy Perry's Viktor and Rolf cut out dress - it's fab!!

The Hunter xx

Keith said...

Great photos. I'd love to take Shakira and Asia Argento out to dinner.

Mrs. M. said...

Stephanie: I love Katy's dress too. She is such a girly girl but like you insinuated always manages to put a little edge into her outfits.

The Hunter: Asia is far too pretty to be wearing such a monstrosity. Idk what she's thinking, but she almost always gets a giant Fail on her red carpet report card.

Keith: Ha I'd love for you to take those ladies out too!

thisgirlbeck said...

I agree... Katy Perry looked amazing!!! Absolutly loved the dress and the bodice.


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