Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fat or Phat: The Geena Davis Edition

I know a lot of celebs out there are often criticized for their fluctuation in weight, but this time I'm taking things personally. Although she has not been seen publicly in a hot minute, paps managed to snap photos of none other than Geena Davis at the airport yesterday, causing fans of the actress to drop the dreaded "F" bomb. No, not that F-bomb. The other one. You know, "Fat". Personally I think Geena looks incredible and basically like any other 40 year old chica you might see on the streets. Yes, that's right. You heard me correctly. I know the woman is 53 but she barely looks a day over fetus so I think people just need to back the fuck off. Besides, I think this picture was just taken at a poor angle with some unfortunate bulking of fabric, making her appear larger than she is. And even if she is fat, so what? She's Geena Effing Davis, ok? She stared in Earth Girls are Easy and A League of Their Own and Thelma and Louise and the greatest movie ever, Beetlejuice. She also has a Doctorate in Fine Arts from Bates, competed in the 1999 semi-finals for the Olympics and created the Geena Davis Institue on Gender in Media with the hopes of creating stronger, more inspirational female characters on television for young girls. For all I care she could sit on her ass eating bacon fat from the floor for the rest of her days. Geena Davis has paid her dues and will forever and all time be effing amazing.
Anyway, that's just my opinion. What do you guys think of La Davis? Does she qualify as fat or phat or does it even matter because she rocks so hard? I'm dying to know what you all think!
Oh, and by the way! Just to show you how royally effed our culture is, this whole "Geena Davis is fat" story has completely overshadowed the fact that sister girl will be honored tomorrow by The Women’s Foundation of California for Geena's tireless work as a women's advocate. Here's what the Examiner had to say about the award: "Like the strong characters she portrays on film and television, Davis is a powerful champion for women’s and girls’ rights and an advocate for real lasting change."
Said Geena about her honor, “I am grateful to work alongside all of the women who are making great strides to improve the lives of other women and our children. Through these efforts, our daughters will fulfill their destinies and take up the space that is rightfully theirs in the world."
If her name was Ian McKellen we would not even be having this discussion now. I'm just saying, it's some sad shit in the world when a kick ass contributor to society like Geena Davis is recognized for her weight rather than being an accomplished, compassionate human being. Geena makes me proud to be a woman, and in my eyes, that's what the hell matters.
She's Bad...Bad Ass!


Ashley said...

Props. I totally agree with you!

Dennis said...

She went from hot to fat...period. It's great that she has all these other accolades to her credit and they certainly contributed to her success, but lets not ignore the fact that if she tried to become famous looking the way she does today, it just wouldn't have happened. I don't think they had fat rolls and cellulite in mind when they were casting her part in Earth Girls Are Easy....or maybe they did and there was an alternate ending about aliens that were into fat chics. Anythings possible.

aname1000 said...

She was a good actress who made entertaining and even thoughtful movies. She has moved on. So should we.

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