Tuesday, November 24, 2009

GaGa Gives Back...

To fans that is! Aside from the obvious factors-songs, lyrics, beat, hair, makeup, etc.-part of what makes Lady GaGa so gosh darn appealing is the open candor with which she addresses her fans. At any opportunity the diva interacts with her stans directly, be it through her twitter, through talk shows and even through...pizza? While tons of fans waited outside a Best Buy in Los Angeles, California to be the first ones in line to purchase "The Fame Monster" (which drops today) and attend a brief meet and greet with the singer, GaGa was cooking up a surprise of her own. To show her appreciation for their hard love and dedication, GaGa sent over several pizzas to the hungry fans that had been waiting in line for hours. She even took to her twitter to verify the gift, saying "Sending all my little monsters little pizzas for waiting all night for me at best buy. I hope you're hungry...eat up I love you."

You gotta hand it to LadyG-she knows a way to a girl and boy's heart is through music. And if that doesn't work, pizza is a hell of a runner up ;)
Anyway here's more of LadyG signing the hell out of some TFM copies yesterday at BB. That girl is the cuteness.



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