Monday, November 30, 2009

Gwen Stefani is Better Than Us At Everything

Damn that Gwen Stefani! Even when she's schelping her kids, her luggage, and a double wide stroller through the mess that is LAX, she still manages to look like a barrel of hand spun roses amidst a sea of perfection. Her hair, her makeup, her clothes-everything is flawless. Hell, even her glasses don't slide off. How she manages to be such an attentive mom while still keeping her swagger is a bigger mystery to me than how
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje kept that damn hat on during his run on Oz. Heck, most moms I see in the grocery store usually have one side of their hair held in a side pony with a wad of Double Bubble, are rocking the oversized husband sweats that are stained with last week's leftovers and look about five seconds away from waving the white flag in defeat as their child tosses yet another box of triple chunk cookies into their squeaky cart. But not Gwen. Oh no. Not only does she make carting around those kids look like a piece of cake, but she does so in a hot leather outfit, bright red lipstick AND a smile on her face. It's not enough that she's gone and conquered the world of rock-now she has to go and be the most fashionable and attentive mom in the world too? Is there nothing she can't do? Seriously. Is there???
Anyway here are more of Ms. Mom Gwen and her gorgeous family at LAX heading back home to their flat in merry ol England. Yeah, that's right. She's got a home in England too. Jealousy is a mother.


Fashion Wh0re said...

i Love Gwen and cool blog i'm following can you return the favor..:)

The Heart Of Fashion said...

You're soooo right! Gwen is really awesome!

Keith said...

I love Gwen. She's amazing.

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