Saturday, November 14, 2009

...The Hell?!?

Last night was the Prada Book Launch Cocktail in Beverly Hills, and while most of the attendees looked smashing, two had me asking what in the helly hell they were thinking. Both Chloe Sevigny and Zoe Saldana showed up sporting a new trend-forgetting to button your blouse. That's right. While we were busy scratching our heads at the shirts as pants trend, we didn't even see the "Here's my Maidenform" business creeping up behind us. Those sneaky snakes! Ironically enough when I saw Chloe with her not-so-itty bitties sticking out I didn't think anything of it. This is after all the same girl who got intimate with Gallo for Brown Bunny and commonly wears 1890's bathing suits to splash around in the ocean. Not only am I used to the extraordinary with her, but I expect it. However once I saw Zoe rocking the same look I knew we was in big trub. Peekaboo I see you!

Zoe, Zoe, Zoe. I know this is a tough concept to swallow, but just because Miu Miu says something is cool doesn't necessarily make it true. Fashion should not be follow the leader. Especially if you're doing so blindly and your knickers are showing making you appear to be mentally incapable of dressing yourself. You see this, ladies?

It's Ginnifer Goodwin and Rose McGowan giggling at you about how silly you all look. And you know damn well when Rose "Madam Tussaud's" McGowan is judging you, you've hit an all time fashion low. I am of course being facetious. I don't know that Rose and Ginnifer were making fun. I can only logically assume.
Speaking of Ginnifer, she was easily the best dressed last night, so let's all give her a round.

And finally, since this apparently has been the week of reemerging celebs, look who it is:

Shannyn Sossamon! Now I know you guys love her because when I made her slacker chic of the week last year I got tons of emails and responses wondering where she had been. Not suprisingly women really love this girl. So much so that I thoought she might take the supreme title of Slacker Chic of the Year. Unfortunately for her the presence of Scarlett Johansson overpowered her, snagging the title but still. It was pretty impressive for someone who has only made independent flims for the past few years. This outfit of hers might be beat, but she's still one hella cool cat.


Stephanie said...

I am a huge fan of Chloe, but what the H was she thinking. I cannot believe she would leave her house looking like that. I usually like her odd style, because she is very original. But underwear should not be approved as outwear. Sometimes that crap is just tacky. ***But I will say Ginnifer was absolutely stunning I love that white dress. She looks like a little pixie. She is so cute. :)

Keith said...

What were Chloe and Zoe thinking!?! That's horrible looking. I do think Ginnifer looked absolutely beautiful. I love her on Big Love.

Gift registry said...

I totally agree with you they look slutty on that outfit. It’s totally not high fashion.

brain tumor said...

The outfit that they are wearing is so inappropriate for the party I hope they realize that.

Mrs. M. said...

Keith, I love Ginnifer so much on that show. She's so charming and adorable. You sis is right, she does look like a cute little pixie!

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