Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I Hate To Say I Told You So...

Normally I looooove saying I told you so, however, it is with a very heavy heart that I admit I totally
called this latest trend. The revolting return of the...can I even say? Do I dare? Ok, deep breath. We can do this. Whew. It is the return of the...*whisper* fanny pack. Rihanna was spotted out in London last night sporting a f-fa-fanny pack and looking none too happy about. And can you blame her? I'd almost rather get all my shit stolen in a foreign land than be forced to wear one of those things. And the truly depressing thing is you know since Rihanna is doing it that it's not long before fashion followers everywhere start jacking the styles of old men and Japanese tourists the world over. Next thing you know knee high black socks, sandles, and fisherman's hats will be the new hotness. I swear, people will do just about anything, won't they? I can see millions of dumb girls the world over going "Oh well it's Louis Vuiton so that makes it awesome!" No, it makes you a friggen dumbass for lusting over a FOUR HUNDRED AND EIGHTY DOLLAR piece of crap that you can buy at any gas station across America for $5.99. I've always been good at predicting the trends, but this is one trend I wish harder than hard I had been wrong about.
Oh, and just in case you want to really be cool and ahead of the trends, imma let you in on the next hot thing in fash. That's right. I'm talking about doin' the Saul Bloom:

Haven't you heard?!? Carl Reiner is TOTALLY the new Tyson Beckford. Screw fanny packs, neon and wearing a shirt as pants. 2010 is going to be all about the Boca Raton babies, going to sleep at 6 pm and food you don't have to chew. Viva la naps in the day, honey!


Carsi said...

I think this is Tyra's fault if I remember correctly. I hate that the worst trends from the past keep re-emerging and 5 years from now people are going to say "What was I thinking" again.

Keith said...

I hate fanny packs. Those are some dorky things if I've ever seen one.

I'm more down with what Carl Reiner's up to than wearing a fanny pack. lol

Mrs. M. said...

i think we should blame everything on Tyra, Carsi! All the crappy model shows we have to suffer through are a result of her actions. SHame Tyra!
and lol i do love Carl Reiner too Keith. He has such a swagger. P-I-M-P! I would be the candy on his arm any day of the week.

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