Saturday, November 7, 2009

Lady GaGa and Lily Cole Play Dress Up for Vogue

OMG how do I love this?!? Let me count the ways! For the latest issue of Vogue Annie Leibovitz teamed up with Lady GaGa, Andrew Garfield and model turned actress/fellow ginger Lily Cole to recreate the wicked, delicious goodness of Hansel and Gretel. Just like in the children's fairy tale Lily and Andrew play siblings who have been tricked into following a cannabalistic yet fashionable witch (portrayed by Lady G in these photos), into hanging out at her crib in the hopes of devouring some scruptious cakes and pies. However upon arrival Hansel and Gretel learn that while baked goods may be on the menu, they are the main course. Therefore in an effort to rid the world of stylish people eaters in couture they toss the female Hannibal Lecter into oven and let her pose for one last fierce photo before slamming the door. Which in my opinion is duuuuumb! Getting eating is stupid, but tossing a perfectly good Marc Jacobs into a flaming stove?! That's just insanity! I mean I know your lives are in danger and all, but that's no need to act so rashly. Sheesh.
Anyway, I love these pics. My only complaint is that there aren't more occassions to utelize the dysfunctional, decadent, indulgent and hedonistic characters from some of Grimm's Fairy tales. Perhaps we can suggest an extension for the January issue? Say
The Girl Without Hands?



The Hunter said...

Love these pics, hot combo!!

The Hunter xx

Emily said...

Hmmm as I clicked on this link in my blog list I was wondering what "dressing up" for Lady Gaga might entail. Now I know =)

Great spread!!

Missy said...

love these pics!

For all things fashion:

Keith said...

These are great. Fantastic photos. I really love them. Thanks for posting these. Hope you've been enjoying the weekend. Cheers!

Irina said...

Killer photo shoot! Thanks for featuring this!

Children of the 90s said...

I love these pictures, they are fabulous! I love Annie Leibovitz, she has such fun concepts.

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