Saturday, November 14, 2009

Leighton Meester in December's UK Glamour

I know lots of you guys are big fans of Leighton Meester, which is why yesterday I posted a super awesome editorial of the actress in the upcoming issue of the latest GQ. Sadly those pics were only up for a couple of hours before I was slapped with a firmly worded email from their legal team politely suggesting that I take the pics down until the 18th. I was of course bummed because the shots were hot, but fortunately when it comes to Leighton you don't have to search too far for new news. Thanks to her popularity on Gossip Girl and budding music career the actress is practically everywhere-inlcuding the December issue of UK Glamour. While these pics may not be as racy as the GQ spread, you can always leave it to Leighton to bring the sultry.
Speaking of which, along with the pics of Leighton in Glamour I've also included the new music video for her new single, "Somebody to Love" with special guest Robin Thicke. Personally I like the kind of deadpan beat poet, Blondie "rapture"-esquness of the versus, but I'm not mad about the chorus. What does you guys think though? Do you love Leighton as a singer or should she just stick to the acting?

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Scandalous Housewife said...

Love the song, but enough with the back humping everything in sight (the tufted leather walls, taxi seat, limo seat, etc).
I bought my daughter a leopard coat like the Glamour cover at Target! Looks EXACTLY like the Juicy one I spotted at Neimans for $450... only I paid $30. Suhhh-weeet!

Keith said...

I was sorry about what happened with GQ. It's a shame I didn't see those pics before you had to take them down Thanks for posting these. I love Leighton. I've got such a huge crush on her. It does seem like she's everywhere these days. That's fine by me.

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