Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Leighton Meester Named Obsession of the Year By GQ, Drops Majah Sex Appeal

Holy freakin' moly! Talk about Leighton Meester being one bombshell babe! Although the Gossip Girl has done sultry shoots in the past, I don't think I've ever seen her looking quite as smoking as she does here in the December issue of GQ. In a culture that makes use of the word "sexy" far too often, I feel it necessary to use another word to accurately describe the severe hot ferociousness that is going on all up in this photoshoot. In the past I have only used this word to describe one other photoshoot, that editorial being of
Julianne Moore in Paris Vogue, and that word is...wait for it... Jeebers. That's right. Mothereffing jeebers. It's exactly what I blurted out the moment I stumbled upon the headline picture. So go ahead, say it with me. JEEBERS!!!! No wonder they named her their Obsession of the Year!
It may be a tad overtly sexual, but there's no denying, this is some serious fashion business. So go ahead and drool. You deserve it. Oh, and this one's especially for you,

And because it's totally appropriate:


Keith said...

Wow! I think I've died and gone to heaven. I could die right now with a smile on my face. Leighton is definitely my obsession. This girl rocks it. These photos are so very sexy. There is so much steam coming off of these smokin' hot pics. Thanks so much for posting these. Another reason why I think you're one ultra cool woman.

Mrs. M. said...

ha i should have posted some kind of warning for those that have heart palpitations. It's enough to make even a healthy man's heart stop!

Stephanie said...

HAHa, my brother Keith over there I knew that would be his reaction. He has the biggest crush on her. :) She is very pretty and these are definitely some different kind of pics than I am used to seeing of her. But I will say she still looks cute. :)

LadyGaga said...

;P Kelly, uhm why is there like sex all up in the news? Beyonce's new video? Sex tapes, now this? ;O

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