Monday, November 9, 2009

Little Orphan Zoe is a Real Princess

Could it really be?!? Are Little Orphan Zoe Kravitz's days of scrubbing the floor with her hair and fashioning pants out of toaster crumbs really over?!? Can
Gus and Jaq finally kick off their little mouse shoes and let someone else worry about summonsing fat fairies and making pumpkins into carriages? I think so! In a move that stuns no one because most people probably don't know who she is, Little Orphan Zoe has just been named as the new face for Vera Wang's latest fragrance, Princess.
Jeebers I hope someone else appreciates the irony in our little ragamuffin finally playing princess. After all these months, nay, years of comparing Little Orphan Zoe to Cinderella and here she goes landing her very own princess campaign! Look at me being all Slyvia Brown and shit! Now if only I could predict lottery numbers the way I predicted the paths of fashion and celebs I'd really be onto something. Like a Tahitian island.


Carsi said...

Love her, but her face is looking a little oddly photoshopped

Mrs. M. said...

it really does though! When i first saw the ad i thought it was just someone's photoshopped interpretation of what her upcoming ad would look like. To discover it was the real deal was definitely an "Oh really...?" moment.

Keith said...

That's great news.

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