Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Not You Too, Halle!

I guess not even the flawless are without their bad fashion days. The normally stylish Halle Berry, who I've often praised for her casual and cute attire was spotted out at Piccolino Cafe in Los Angeles yesterday wearing...I don't even want to say it...a shirt as a dress. Ugh! Do you hear that?!? It is the gods of fashion weeping for one of their own has fallen. I mean come on Halle! You are one of the most beautiful women in the world with one of the most enviable closets in all of the land and this is what you choose to pull out? What, were all of your pants at the dry cleaners? All of your dresses and skirts mysteriously MIA? I just don't understand why people even bother wearing tights at all. Especially ones with the noticeable built in control top! I am sorry but when you wear this type of thing outside in public it just makes you look like you have some sort of mental disorder rendering you incapable of making even the simplest decisions. Like say, wearing bottoms. I don't know whether to ask Ms. Berry where she got her hair done or gently tell her to go take her meds because lights out is in 10 minutes.
Ah well. It is Halle Berry we're talking about. She could roll around in stinky old leaves and coffee grinds for a few weeks and still have every man woman and ardvark busting down her door for a chance to wash those control top stockings. Even on her worst day Halle Berry is still better than us. Perhaps this outfit was just her attempt at leveling the playing field for us regular chicas. At least for the day.


ChicChickory said...

Please! Does she even NEED control-top? She's so gorgeous that she is allowed a slipsies, once in awhile.....and this outfit was definitely a big slipsy!

Stephanie said...

I hate when people don't wear pants or even a skirt. Leggings and tights do not count for bottoms. They are to be worn underneath something. IT IS MADNESS. I hope the women understand sometimes more is more. (Not less is more) Thanks for letting me rant. :)

Keith said...

That does look ridiculous. What was she thinking!?! She needs something else on. It's like she went out without finishing dressing.

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