Monday, November 2, 2009

Only You, Gwen

Only Gwen Stefani would consider skin tight acid washed jeans, a sheer, see-through top, and neon pink lipstick as appropriate attire for the park. The aint no hollaback girl was spotted tossing her tots around yesterday for some good, clean family fun at Coldwater Canyon Park. You gotta love Gwen. Not only for her distinct, bold fashion choices but because you rarely see her out without at least one of her children. What I really love about Gwennie though is that she's such an inspiration to other moms out there. She's a great example of how you don't have to sacrifice style or your dreams to be an awesome parent. Having a child does not mean we need to pack it in as women and retire our hip clothing and ambitions. We may have to invest in some hot flats but dammit there is nothing we can't do with a kid on the hip.
Anyway here are some totally adorable pics of Gwen and her little Zuma enjoying some sun. A bunch of Hallmark moments if ever I did see one. I don't consider myself to be a softie by any stretch of the imagination, but even I can't help but look at these pics and say "Aww!!!"


lorenabr said...

You are right. I love her style. I do not have kids so far but I can't imagine to let myself go. I like almost everthing she puts together.;)

Keith said...

Gwen's awesome. I love her style. She plays her own tune. I love how she's definitely a devoted mother. Her, Gavin & the kids make a wonderful family.

Mrs. M. said...

i agree! Gwen is such an awesome mom, musician and style icon. is there anything the woman cannot do?

Arleene said...

Quadruple times agree! She is my style icon and also the kind of mother i aspire to be. Thanks for this lovely post!


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