Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Punk Light Done Right

Ever since I was a wee lil youngerster, I have been a huge fan of punk. Of course in the last decade the scene and the clothing typically associated with it has become more mainstream and accepted. However while punk has had it's ebbs and flows both in and out of popular culture one thing about the scene has changed drastically: the way we think about fashion. Not onlyhas punk changed the entire course of music history, but it has played a big part in the evolution of fashion. Since it's very conception punk has been about style, whether anyone wants to admit it or not. Making a statement about who you are through what you wear is essential. Especially in these very materialistic times. On one hand I miss the spikes, the chains, the metal, the shredded t-shirts that cost $1 from the thrift store. I miss the mothball smell on the clothes, finding that amazing old pair of boots, and hunting out the latest bands in the genre. On the other hand, the fact that punk has embraced high fashion is kind of exciting. Why, ten, twenty years ago you would never see Wendy O. Williams or Kathleen Hanna wearing Dior. Punk has evolved into a legitimate fashion category, much like rockabilly or prep. For better for for worse.
What really interrests me is how to maintain that edgy style as we progress into our later years. At 28 I can't very well got trapsing around the streets in fishnet stockings and a "Fuck Fuck Fuck!" t-shirt. Which is exactly why I am such a big fan of the style that Rihanna and Beth Ditto rock. They have this great graduated punk think that is age appropriate. They still go out on a limb, still push the fashion boundaries, but they are doing it in an adult fashion. I think former punk princesses like me could learn a thing of two from these ladies. Because if there's one thing I've learned about Punk, it's that it's not about chains or seeing the Pee Tanks live in an abandoned warehouse (best show ever). It's about not giving an eff. It's like one of those "if you hear a tree in the woods" analogies. Punk is nothing and everything. It's the opposite of whatever you think it is. It's mocassins and cheap beer. Rebelion and understanding. Vomit and hugs. It's ying and yang. So in celebration of that I thought we'd take a look at two of my favorite girls, Rihanna and Beth Ditto, who represent the ying and yang so well. Both were spotted out yesterday in outfits that inspired this post, and both are great examples of how to keep that edge as you age.


Love this pic. So 90's!

This post brought to you by mini punk in training, Scary Spice and Eddie Murphy's daughter Angel Iris Murphy Brown aka Murphy Brown, showing us that mohawks and toddler punk isn't just for Kingston Rossdale. Sixouxsie Sioux: the next generation!


Carsi said...

not a huge fan of Rhianna's music, but her style is definitely on point. Beth Ditto has definitely provided something fearless to aspire to. I was a little taken aback by Mel B.'s daughter but it actually looks really cute.

The Hunter said...

have you seen ditto's red hair - looks cool!!

Great post,

The Hunter

Keith said...

She's definitely got awesome style. I do love punk. It's cool to see how it's influenced so many areas.

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