Monday, November 30, 2009

Slacker Chic of the Month: Alison "VV" Mosshart

It was a very short and close race this month, but The Kills/The Dead Weather rocker Alison Mosshart beat out KatieJane Garside and barely kicked Melanie Laurent in the pants, ultimately winning your votes and your heart as Slacker Chic of the Month. This badass babe will move on to next month's big business and compete with the other Slacker Chic of the Months for the ultimate title of the 2nd ever Slacker Chic of the Year. I would wish her well, but this chick is made of brass knuckles so I'm pretty sure she doesn't need it.


Emily said...

Mmmm I love her on Placebo's "Meds." Such a sexy song by two very sexual people =)

Keith said...

I don't really know much about her, but it's always cool to learn more about cool artists.

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