Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Slacker Chic of the Week: KatieJane Garside

Sometimes it's hard to decide which talented, bad ass lady (or in the case of Seth Green the only male ever to have snagged the title, which dude) is going to reign supreme for seven days and nights as Slacker Chic of the Week. However, this week there was no muss, no fuss, and no doubt about it. After hearing Daisy Chainsaw on Lastfm and remembering how much I used to love the original line up I knew that this week was going to be all about their former lead singer, KatieJane Garside. Back in the day KJ was, to put it mildly, one eccentric biatch. Many might have even been so bold as to call her bat shit crazy, but not I. Oh no. Even when she was flailing around onstage drinking pineapple juice out of a baby bottle I found Katie Jane to be quite artistic. After all, the woman is a melting pot of contradictions. Whether it's her delicate voice mixed with the metal of guitars or her frail frame throwing itself around the stage like a WWF wrestler KatieJane is always doing or saying something that would normally seem at odds.
In her spare time Katie Jane enjoys writing, painting or doing anything to keep the creative juices flowing. She has released several independent projects including her solo work under the name Lalleshwari and continues to tour with her band since 2000, QueenAdreena. KatieJane continues to be an underground goddess to fellow former (for lack of a better word) riot grrrls. Perhaps what is most exciting about Katie though is that 1.) She continues to challenge herself creatively-something all of us should remember to do and 2.) younger girls from this generation get an opportunity to have their eyes open and discover this whole world of music they never knew existed. The 90's was such a great time for women. Just like the 60's brought us peace, love and togetherness the 90's brought XX chromosomes this freedom to say what they wanted, dressed how they wished, and for the first time really seperate themselves from needing the approval of a man. Whether it be in 1991 or in 2009 Katie Jane represents the type of woman I always wanted to be. The one that said this is how I look, this is how I feel, so either climb aboard the train or get the hell off because either way it's leaving without you. It's this unabashed, unappologetic excitement of expression that not only makes KatieJane one hell of an artist, but one hell of a Slacker Chic of the Week as well.

Daisy Chainsaw "Love Your Money"

Daisy Chainsaw "Dog With Sharper Teeth"

QueenAdreena "Pretty Like Drugs"

KatieJane "Matchstick Girl" acapella (MUST WATCH!)


Keith said...

I'll be honest in that I don't really know who she is so this post was an introduction to me.

Mrs. M. said...

Well welcome to Garside 101 Keith! So good to have you.

matt said...

she is completely awesome

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