Thursday, November 19, 2009

Three Generations of Bad-Assedness

Quick! Divert your eyes, for I do not think we are yet ready to handle so much awesomeness in just one small picture. Last night, three generations of cool merged together to form one giant ball of badassedness. Leighton Meester, Cyndi Lauper and Mary-Louise Parker were all spotted together looking oh-s0-fly at the 2009 MTVu Woodie Awards. Making this picture even more spectac is how the ladies are dressed. It's like a step by step guide on how to dress like an edgy, rock and roll momma in your 20's, 30's/40's, and 50's. Behold, you are witnessing the evolution of cool in it's natural environment. Listen, learn, worship.


Keith said...

You really help me get my Leighton fix.

Mrs. M. said...

lol it's easy when she dresses so fly all the time and hangs out with cool chicks like Cyndi and MLP!

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