Thursday, November 19, 2009

US Weekly Unveils Their Hot Hollywood List

Olivia Wilde, Adam Lambert, Joel McHale, Leona Lewis: what do all these people have in common? Well, for starters they don't get on my nerves, but all have also make US Weekly's annual Hot Hollywood List. From comedians to actors to singers to people I've never heard of, US has chosen who they believe to be the baddest of them all in their respective entertainment categories. Did one of your faves make the list? Scroll down to find out!
Cast of the Year: Glee (def)
TV Siren of the Year: Olivia Wilde (absolutely)
Victor of the Year: Kris Allen (really?)
Pioneer of the Year: Anika Noni Rose (who?)
Glam God of the Year: Adam Lambert (hell yes)
Comeback of the Year: Kristin Cavallari (throw me off a bridge)
Chanteuse of the Year: Leona Lewis (definitely)
Comic of the Year: Joel McHale (definitely x's 10)
Breakout of the Year: Katie Featherston (who?)
Sitcom Mom of the Year: Julie Bowen (meh)
Crossover of the Year: Emmy Rossum (crossover from what?!? You mean like John Edwards?)
Girlfriend of the Year: Jessica Capshaw (why?)
Employee of the Year: Jenna Fischer (sure)
Hot Steppers of the Year: Kelly Osbourne and Mya (meh)
Cult Fave of the Year: Eliza Dushku (I don't get it)
Action Team of the Year: Chris O'Donnell and LL Cool J (nobody told me it was 1995 all over again)


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