Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Vanessa Paradis is Parisian Perfection for French Elle

Are you guys fans of Vanessa Paradis? You know, the French pop star/actress/model/common-law wifey of Johnny Depp? I sure hope so, because this post is all about Vanessa. So buckle up, cause you have to tickets to Paradis! (Ok, not really, I just wanted to say that because it sounded cool).
VP has been a modelle now for a while, so naturally these pictures are going to be flawless French perfection. However, I had such a difficult time choosing a pic for the header because they are all out of this world! For each of the shots, VP tried on a variety of various musical roles, chanelling every kind of influence and style from techno to jazz to good old fashioned rock and roll. I love how easily VP slips into any character asked of her. Perhaps that is why she has been such a Parisian superstar since the age of 14. (She's now 36)
Now I'm not sure what the article says because it's in French and I'm far too lazy to call my grandfather and ask him to translate it verbatim (besides the fact that he is pretty old and kind of has difficulty understanding his native English at loud decibles), but I'm guessing it says something like "I am Vanessa Paradis. I rule. The End." And even if it doesn't, it should.

Anyway here are some gorgeous pictures of Paradis for the December issue of French Elle. Que magnifique.

La Bataille, by VP. Love this song:


Keith said...

Not planning on really doing any blog commenting until the weekend, but I did want to comment on this post. I love Vanessa. I think she's amazing. Great to see her get some blog love. Happy Thanksgiving!

Daners Isadora is Lindsay's Spy Girl Name said...

I love her.

"I am Vanessa Paradis. I rule. The End."

That's really all she should ever have to say.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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