Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Victoria Beckham Does December's UK Haper's Bazaar

Just what you want to see in the morning: Victoria Beckham's fat ass staring back at you judgingly while you indulge in oxygen and all those other things she as Posh cannot digest. This month the skinny bones jones can been seen inside the pages of UK Harper's Bazaar discussing-what else?-her weight. Suprisingly though it is her fitness regimine Ms. Beckham is spilling the beans on swearing that her skeletal frame is a result of a serious gym addiction. Turns out Ms. Beckham does not want to be a victim of the liberal photoshop wand. "I wanted to look at those pictures in 20 years' time and say, 'Wow, look--after three kids--I didn't look bad." she says of her racy Armani underwear shoot with husband David. For once, I have to agree. VB may be a total Connie Clavicle, but I will agree that she basically looks the same in candids as she does in magazines. Now whether that's a good thing, I'll let you be the judge. In the meantime check out these pics of the Ms. in Harper's.


lorenabr said...

To me she is just a bag of bones, way 2 skinny! Gym addiction;)) yeah right, that just looks like she lives on air and water with lemon and air again. Just my opinion :)

Keith said...

She definitely needs to put on some weight.

Natasha Kale said...

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