Friday, November 20, 2009

Victoria's Secret 2010 Holiday Fashion Show Time

I don't know about you guys, but I really look forward to the Victoria's Secret Holiday Fashion Show that the brand has been televising for the past few years. Not only do they always outdo themselves with the lighting, sets, props and star studded performances, but unlike most fashion shows VS does not take themselves so seriously. It's a fun, bubblegum-y good time-something all of us probably need in these increasingly somber times. Not to mention the fact that their Holiday special, which airs December 1st on CBS, always marks the beginning of the Christmas season for me. Seeing all the lights, snowflakes and gingerbread adorned things is enough to make me want to deck my halls with bows of holly and decorate stockings. Tis the season!
Anyway just in case you can't wait for the show either, here are some pics from the show which was taped yesterday. Can't wait to see it! Perhaps I'll have ago at liveblogging while baking cookies that evening?

Also, I didn't know who Sun Ho was before, but I certainly do now. The Singaporean pop diva attended the VS show wearing this, resulting in me falling madly in love with her fabulous ass. This one gets 3 snaps in a Z formation with a heaping helping of you betta werk.


Keith said...

I definitely look forward to it every year. Great photos. These are my kind of angels.

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