Tuesday, November 17, 2009


While I was busy trying to get Blogger to work, Rihanna was just plain working it. The singer was spotted out in London last night following a party for her new album, "Rated R". I have a few pics from the bash that I planned on posting, however it looks like it might be a couple of more hours before the issue with the site is fixed. In the meantime, perhaps you can figure out how many times you think Rihanna brushed her bangs out of her face during the evening. Or do you think she has someone to do that for her? You know, like a Fonzworth Bentley of bangs. I bet she does. And if she doesn't, you might want to suggest it. I'm sure that's a task more than a few dudes would be more than happy to do for free.


Keith said...

I'd love to have a new job. I'll take that job if I could. :-)

Juliet said...

She might as well have. Always perfection!

juliet xxx

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