Thursday, November 19, 2009


Megan Fox. Damn she is making it so, so, so fucking hard to like her. One minute she's bitching like a baby about how she is oversexualized and tired of people talking about her sex and wishing they would take her seriously like they do Scarlett Johansson, the next she's...well...doing THIS. It's like (pardon my language for a moment), look bitch, you can't have it both ways. Either you're this smart, crafty, Nietzsche reading genius, or you're a dumb ass ho that doesn't have enough cojones or common sense to just say NO HO to shoving your fish taco down some creepy perv's lense. If you were truly smart, and truly annoyed with getting attention for your looks you wouldn't look like a centerfold that even Hustler would reject for being to ho-ish. Because straight up when I look at these outakes for the NY Times and I think one thing: Vagina. I also think "desperate", "moronic", "vacant", and "face-lift", but mostly the words "Put it in here! Right here!" come to mind. Bitch might as well have giant blinking arrows pointing to her clam and a goddamn advertisement for free HBO with an hour of purchase.
And in case you haven't noticed, this is me officially breaking up with Megan Fox and revoking her dark, bitchy and mouthy card. If you were a truly down biatch you'd just say "Yeah, I like being sexy, I like showing off my clam, and I don't like reading books unless they are pop-ups". I cannot stand double talkers who spend so much time swearing they aren't the way they are. For too long I let Foxy's familiar appearance deceive me. SHe isn't one of us. You know what she is? The dark Paris Hilton. Swap the blonde for brunette, the pink for black, and a chihuaha for an ugly ass Marilyn tattoo and they're basically the same effing person. In the words of Diddy, "WHY IS THERE A CROTCH IN MY FACE???"

Anyway, here's more of Megan's outtakes for New York Times magazine. Vagina: it's in there.


Keith said...

I couldn't have said it any better. I totally agree with you on Megan.

Mrs. M. said...

i dont know if its just me, but these pics and the Leighton Meester GQ spread are technically the same basic idea, but executed far differently. Leighton looks sexy and in control in hers. Megan just looks...desperate.

LadyGaga said...

"Either you're this smart, crafty, Nietzsche reading genius, or you're a dumb ass ho that doesn't have enough cojones or common sense to just say NO HO to shoving your fish taco down some creepy perv's lense."

Do you hate that women can only pick these roles if they want to be famous in Hollywood. its sad. QQ

Secondly, I do not like her. She has something that Angelina Jolie has. Smarts, looks, badassness, and a good heart. Trailer trash is the best word to describe Fox.

Stephanie said...

It is really crazy how she portrays herself, because she doesn't want to be a sex symbol. So, I don't understand why people that don't want to be seen as sex symbols do photo shots like this. She needs to get used to the idea that if she portrays herself like that in pics that is what people are going to think. ***BTW Great post. Love how you can break down every situation. You always have the best blog posts. :)

Sasha said...

"Put it in here! Right here!" lmfao...ur the BEST Mrs. M !

I cant stand this skeeze either.....

Chelsea Von Awesome said...

I honestly wouldn't care at all if she wanted to portray herself as a sex symbol as well as a highly educated woman. I say you can be both! But whatever you are be ready to take the heat of those who don't like what do/say along with those who praise it.

That being said..... whether she claims to be one or the other, or both at times, I completely disagree her. I don't think she's sexy and I definitely don't view her as intelligent. She does absolutely nothing for me. But that may come from a biased opinion on a matter that REALLY bugs me about someone like her. The fact the her job title is technically "actress". She's supposedly famous as shit for being an actress right? HAS ANYONE ACTUALLY SEEN HER FILMS?!! Why are we discussing her at all? She sucks at the only job she has! Ughnmfg!

Her bush could sparkle like the heavens and her brain could rival Einstein's but it still wouldn't matter to me because she is stealing precious hours of my life when I have to watch her suffering attempts at acting.

Marina said...

I agree 100%
Hate her.

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