Sunday, November 22, 2009

Your Sunday Morning Ambot

You guys, it's like my perfect scenario has come to pass. Although I didn't wish for poor wittle Taylor Swift to have her VMA moment ruined, doing so resulted in the banification of Kanye West, which resulted in the solofication of my muse, Amber "Ambot" Rose! Ever since the whole VMA fiasco, the third place girl of my dreams (placing closely behind ScarJo and Little Orphan Zoe, narrowly beating out Queen Ashley), has been spotted everywhere from the New Moon premiere to Diddy's birthday party kicking it by her lonesome. She's even featured in a new photoshoot by Chad Hill for Persona Magazine! While her and 'Ye have not-I repeat NOT-broken up, I guess he figured that by being seeing in public with her, he was tarnishing Ambot's reputation. (Ironic, since he's the one that put her on the map) Still, a Kanye-less Ambot means a Kanye-less picture, and if I'm being honest I'd much rather post pictures of my girl by hergorgeouself. Not that Kanye isn't stylish (much to the contrary), but when he isn't around she seems so much more pleasant. It's kind of like, who wants to hang out with R2-D2 when it means also having to listen to that whiney, shrill little C-3P0 babble on about his problems?
Anyway, here's the Ambot 5000 looking like a trillion megapixels over the past weekend and getting dragged out in her new editorial for "Persona". This shoot is so up my alley, it's ridiculous. I almost can't even choose a favorite picture!



Carsi said...

love her. my best friends sister met her at a club about a month ago and had nothing but nice things to say about her, I then proceeded to hug her to get the left over essence of Amber.

Mrs. M. said...

i am so jealous! May i hug you to get the essence of the essence off?
and i cant say im surprised to hear she's a nice gal. she does look approachable. Well, as approachable as a woman of her beauty could be ;)

Keith said...

Kanye has become quite the pariah. It's like he's been exiled from this country or something.

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