Thursday, December 24, 2009

Beautiful Brittany Murphy Photos Taken By Her Husband

Over the weekend the world lost an incredible actress, friend, daughter, and wife in Brittany Murphy. Like many of you, I was a fan of B's films/shows, but had never realized just how many I had seen or how many she had been involved with. From comedies like "Clueless", "King of the Hill", and "Just Married" to thrillers like "Don't Say a Word" to dramas such as "8 Mile", "Girl, Interrupted" and "Spun", Brittany was one beautiful, versatile actress who knew just what to do in front of the camera.
However, while I knew that B was a fantastic actress, what I didn't know was what an incredible model she made. Over the course of the last year, she and her husband Simon Monjack had been collaborating on a project together in the hopes of releasing a book in the near future. Now I've got to say-my first impression was that this might be a ploy to exploit the popularity of the actress. However after seeing the photos it's clear that her husband, a legit photographer who has shot some of the biggest actors in Hollywood, really did Brittany justice. The shots are stunning, haunting, and simply breathtaking. He really captured the complexity and depths of his wife and treated her as his muse. And while I usually have a favorite photo in the bunch, I honestly can't decide which of these photos I love more. They are all amazing in their own rights. To see more of Simon's work, including additional shots of Brittany, you can check them out at his
website. And while Brittany's family plans to say their farewells today at her funeral service, I thought this would be a fitting way to pay our respects to the actress and say thanks for entertaining us for so many years. Brittany may be gone, but her vibrant spirit and the mediums she left us with will echo long into the future.


LadyGaga said...

:O gorgeous!

Missy said...

RIP Brittany. such a sad loss.

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Jennifer Fabulous said...

These photos are stunning. I have never seen them before! Thanks for sharing. :)

So sad about Brittany...may that wonderful actress rest in peace.

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