Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christina Goes Full on Glam for amfAR

Just when I had begun to wonder what Christina Ricci was up to, she goes and pops up looking like this. Talk about jaw dropping. I don't know what our girl has been up to these past few months but whatever it is she should keep doing it because obviously it's working for her. The "Black Snake Moan" baby showed up at the 3rd annual amfAR Cinema Against AIDS event in Dubai today looking like a full on movie star in an amazing ivory colored flowly floor length frock. The avante garde design is so eye catching and the color of the dress really accentuates Christina's hair and skin tone. All in all, her hair looks great, her body looks amazing, the skin is flawless. I'd call this one hell of a fashion home run. However she should really give the universe permission to slap her gorgeous ass if she ever tries to go back to that God awful Speed Racer bob she was sporting for a while that made her look like a novelty figurine that you glue to the dashboard of your car. That mess did her no favors whatsoever.
And on a completely seperate note to which there is no proper transition, check out that pic of Mandy Moore and Christina below. Who knew Mandy was such a giant?!?


CLM said...

gorrrgeous !
I am now following you :)
thanks for the comment on my blog !
xoxo - carly.


Mrs. M. said...

thanks CLM!


Really beautiful dress, looks so good on her!


Carsi said...

you've posted about some of my favorite people today, this is definitely the highlight of my blog reading today :-)

Keith said...

She looks amazing. Very beautiful. She's looking great in these photos.

Lindsay a.k.a Busty St. Clair said...

Wednesday Addams looks fantastic. And I love that she's kept the bangs.

Dude, my captcha is like 13 letters long

lorenabr said...

This dress is a dream I love it. It looks fab on her. From head to toe great.

Mrs. M. said...

Thanks Carsi that means a lot!

Mrs. M. said...

and lol sorry about the captcha Busty!

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