Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fur and Silk and Maggie, Oh My!

Ok before you guys say anything, I'd like to admit that yes, I do know that the dress Maggie Gyllenhaal wore to the "Crazy Hearts" Los Angeles premiere is kind of wrinkly. However I don't care. Partially because Maggie is a fellow grumpy girl from Planet Bitch and I have pledged my undenying devotion to her, partially because she is an amazing actress and one of my faves, but mostly because she looks so darn radiant that a few measly wrinkles don't matter. Besides, messy is just the way Maggie rolls. I don't think she would be herself if something weren't slightly askew or off.
I'm also in love with her fur and silk ensemble because it reminds me so gosh darn much of the campaign she did for Miu Miu back in 2004. That was and continues to be both my favorite collection AND my favorite campaign of all time. You just don't get more lazy, more indulgent, and more classic than those two fabrics. Kind of makes a girl want to crawl in bed with a glass of Bathtub Gin and listen to Duke Ellington on viynl. Maggie always seems to have that effect on me.


Keith said...

I adore Maggie. I've loved her ever since seeing her in Secretary. I wanted a secretary like her if I ever need an assistant. :-)

Mrs. M. said...

lol i love that movie too! It is one of my favorites and definitely one of the sexiest of all time.

MrJeffery said...

i love maggie. cool, individual style too!

Lindsay a.k.a Busty St. Clair said...

I'm thirding the Secretary love! Maggie is brilliant and all around awesome

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